Thursday, April 29


wondering I can go to the south side of Indonesia this summer..

Tuesday, April 27

B for boat

it's really amazing when you have

a comedian
a drummer
a guitarist
a traveller
a 'partner-in-crime'
a lover
a great yet safe driver
a photographer
a guardian
a mentalist
a good listener
a great adventurer
a secret-keeper
a shoulder to cry on
a toy to be played with
a programmer
a technician
a walking GPS
an English grammar-dictionary
an optimist
a laid back
an off-roader
a family man
a cartoon dubber
a reliable son
a cute surpriser
a great friend

... just in one person.

love you all the way you are,

Sunday, April 11

let God do the rest

'That' was so friggin hard. but hey, who knows?!
nothing's impossible.
well, whatever it will be,
as long it's already written on Your amazing plan for me,
I'll take it.
But still, I hope You consider my choice as well... ;)

p.s thank you God for today.
Thank you for 'the organization I'm joining in' -as cahayacita said.