Thursday, June 24

Put your smile on

I'm gonna leave Jakarta tonight.
I'm zupperrr excited yet sad.
Leaving you behind while I'm travelling around Europe kinda makes me sick. Because you seems unhappy baby :(
Your voice on the phone is so different. No passion. No laugh. Not you.
Love, I believe it's gonna be alright. It's gonna be just 2 weeks.
I know it will hard at first, but time does help us. It flies easily, right?
You have many things to be done... I know you can face them without me. You have many good friends  out there. So it's time to meet them while I'm gone.
Drink some beer and say cheers!
Good friends, laughs, and some beers are the best distraction kan Bon?
So please put your smile on and make my way there nicer :):)
Would you do it for me?
I'm gonna miss you a lot too you know!! We are fair B :)
I love you and you know it.

*See you soon, Jakarta. See you soon, readers. I'm gonna miss you all.


Saturday, June 19


Today is Father's day?

Hmmm I didn't know such thing till this morning tweets were talking about it.
Well, well, well. I didn't say anything to him, but my bf did text him! Kinda pathetic, eh?
Sorry for having an ignorant daughter like me Dad.. I know you know me more than anyone else. Kiss

So let me just introduce this gentleman who was born with an unique name that no one ever has it in this world.. (so far)
FX. Liwanuru Jimuta was born in Jogjakarta at 7th October 1963. As a second son from I Gede Winyana and Maria Theresia Triminarti, Imuk (childhood name and still used now for close friends) was a cheerful kid. He entered SMA De Britto, a good all boys school at his time in Jogja. He joined the drama club, too! I feel like re-livin' his life. He ever told me once that I have many similiarties with him in highschool; drawing, acting, got in social departement, and don't really care about school stuffs like studying. Borrring :P
We also adore and have a quite good sense in art. My Dad said it's because the thick-art-blood from Eyang Kakung ("grandfather" in Java) and Eyang Putri ("grandmother" in Java) who are a Balinese journalist and a beautiful actress that fell in love at the first sight at a teather performance in early 19s. Sweet.
Pictures above is De Britto's guys and the Drama Club in highschool. Sooooo 80's. Kinda wish I'm livin in that era.

What's exactly Liwanuru??
It stands for Bali Jawa and Storm (=petir=nuru in somewhat language idk)
Well maybe my father was born on a stormy day (???) Haha I don't know. Many of my friends asking me this question and think that it's a kind of Manado surname or something. Hell no I'm a Bali-Javanese and a bit Chinese!
Where the hell is my Chinese blood? Actually I don't get about this Chinese family tree I had. The thing is some of my family in Bali is Chinese. Hell yeah, my dad is totally responsible for the random-mix-blood I have inside me now.
Above is a picture of his friends in Economics- Gadjah Mada University. Both rightmost in line 1 and 2 were dating until now:) My mom's dress was so fancy, no? Hahaha this pic is so called "How I Met Your Mother"

At last, I am so proud to be Imuk's daughter:)
Happy Father's day!

Sunday, June 13

Jaden Smith

my new baby cupcake <3

This film is Jaden's third film after Pursuit of Happiness (2006) with his dad and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) with Keanu Reeves. Jacky Chan assist him in this remake (Karate Kid was formerly made in 1984).

How sweet Mr. Smith conducting his son to follow his path in Hollywood.

I adore Smith happy family. They're just so sweet.
Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow. See? Even their names say so <3

p.s. Karate Kid is highly recommended! All-ages rated.

Friday, June 11

Prince of Gyllenhaal

Finally I've watched the Prince of Persia! According to my friends, it is a great movie and I prove it myself.
Its special effect is awesome! I always adore movies with great special effect.
And of course, Prince Dastan is uber hot!

But I prefer "Prince Dastan" in the real world..

Jake Gyllenhaal.
As I mentioned in my Tumblr post months ago, guy with thick eyebrows easily takes my breath away. include him.
Rumour about he's gay? Hell yeah, he is too cute to be straight  >;)

Kids in Japan usually do

cool, eh?!

Thursday, June 10


I thought I'm gonna have a very long summer break after the exam. June-August is a pretty much time!
There's many things in my head to be done.. this and that.. go here and there..
and hell... none has been done till now.

Obviously I haven't got my holiday yet.

+AIESEC Open Recruitment plus my very first Creative & Promotion manager's tasks welcome me to this summer break. They ain't easy, but this is my time to prove. Spirit!
+Rookie FISIP Championship are killing me, too. And this is what I hate of being a secretary, do all the works long before the event.
+Oh count the "Nonbar" (Nonton Bareng) HMIK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi UI) -thingy.

Well I guess my real holiday gonna be the 24th of June ;)

Apple & Blackberry

We are stuck in Apple & Blackberry generation

Somehow I agree with this..


Sunday, June 6

warm welcome

welcome you to my 'new faced' private property:
why did I change the title from lovethelifetolive after almost 4 years?
My reason is that I already love my life (so friggin' much!) after all I've been going through, my ups and downs in these 4 years.
Apparently my life is so random. I have to put my life puzzles into one so I won't get lost.
It's absolutely here. My old bestfriend and still is.

Keep updated! >B)

p.s still feel free to catch me on Tumblr or Twitter.
much love! xx

Wednesday, June 2


This is my first time I feel really mad.
At you.
Don't you know? My heart breaks.
Like a puzzle.

tears drained and I almost forgot about our unbeliavably happy stories back then.
I feel like.. like want to lose you.