Thursday, June 10


I thought I'm gonna have a very long summer break after the exam. June-August is a pretty much time!
There's many things in my head to be done.. this and that.. go here and there..
and hell... none has been done till now.

Obviously I haven't got my holiday yet.

+AIESEC Open Recruitment plus my very first Creative & Promotion manager's tasks welcome me to this summer break. They ain't easy, but this is my time to prove. Spirit!
+Rookie FISIP Championship are killing me, too. And this is what I hate of being a secretary, do all the works long before the event.
+Oh count the "Nonbar" (Nonton Bareng) HMIK (Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi UI) -thingy.

Well I guess my real holiday gonna be the 24th of June ;)

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