Thursday, June 24

Put your smile on

I'm gonna leave Jakarta tonight.
I'm zupperrr excited yet sad.
Leaving you behind while I'm travelling around Europe kinda makes me sick. Because you seems unhappy baby :(
Your voice on the phone is so different. No passion. No laugh. Not you.
Love, I believe it's gonna be alright. It's gonna be just 2 weeks.
I know it will hard at first, but time does help us. It flies easily, right?
You have many things to be done... I know you can face them without me. You have many good friends  out there. So it's time to meet them while I'm gone.
Drink some beer and say cheers!
Good friends, laughs, and some beers are the best distraction kan Bon?
So please put your smile on and make my way there nicer :):)
Would you do it for me?
I'm gonna miss you a lot too you know!! We are fair B :)
I love you and you know it.

*See you soon, Jakarta. See you soon, readers. I'm gonna miss you all.