Sunday, August 29

Alicia Atmadja

A short visit to her house... temu kangen!!! ♥ ♥ adorable :O;)


Saturday, August 21

(never) second best

..when it's about beach and love.
That's why I'm addicted to both!

p.s My blissful summer break will end very soon. Sucks!
My English is sucks.
I realized it when I read all my posts in this blog and I found out that I didn't have significant progress on writing after all this time. Yeah one of my blog'LACK of vocabulary and so many grammatical errors are my main problems.
The thing is...
I never read English book for months.
I rarely speak English on my daily life.
I NEVER touch my dictionary for ages.
and I rarely write on my blog!!
Dang I seriously need an English lesson (again).

Readers, would you suggest me what English lesson should I take according to my weaknesses? Is it conversation class, writing class, or general English? And where? Is it TBI, Wall Street, or private teacher you know out there?
Or I don't need all of them perhaps?
Help me!

Friday, August 20

Sweet Disposition

taken by Tya (2007)

never too soon
oh, reckless abandon
like no one's watching you

-The Temper Trap

Saturday, August 14

W: I am walking.
M: You, what?
W: I said I am walking.
M: I won't let you. Stay in the line.
W: Did I ask you permission?

Sundak, Yogyakarta (2009)

Friday, August 13

AIESEC UI days out!

Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu.
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Day 1

Day 2


Tuesday, August 10

Tidung called for jumpers!

so here's the jump version of my Tidung trip photos with AIESEC UI...
feel the seconds before you jump when your heart-preassure increasing. Do deep exhale, wash your fear away.. and feel the life changing experience!

Beginner version, from somewhat like a dock at Small Tidung island
Gemala Zenobia the first! Proud of her strength to fight her and our fears to do the premiere

or these expert version from Tidung bridge (approx. 6m)!

which one is your favorite?

hmmm maybe you shall get your own jump... ;)
Tidung island.
30th July. 2010.