Sunday, September 19


Deadline ini deadline itu ngurusin ini ngurusin itu
tugas ini tugas itu omongan ini omongan itu tuntutan ini tuntutan itu
DAN semua akan bertambah semakin buruk dimulai dari Senin besok.
Minggu-minggu terakhir September ini bikin gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mana ada staff yang performanya tidak begitu memuaskan... tambah beban pikiran :" (
Perhaps, it's a new challange for me, no? Argh

Saturday, September 18

Black labrador

#birthdaywish #currentobsession
*Someone give me this cute puppy. I'll name it Pepper.
*My parents allow me to have another dog after my best brother (RIP) Cello.
*Build a dog cage at my house.
Please :' (
*photo source

US$ 4 millions of plastic surgeries = Disaster!

let me introduce you a horrible plastic surgery victim who used to be a beautiful young lady, Joycelyn Wildenstein.

Wednesday, September 15

Ulun Danu

"Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or Pura Bratan, is a major water temple on BaliIndonesia — the other major water temple being Pura Ulun Danu Batur. The temple complex is located on the shores of Danau Bratan (Lake Bratan) in the mountains near Bedugul."
When I went there, a local cultural & ritual ceremony was on at the temple. It's quite a big one because there are so many local people attending this ceremony. Look at their outfits... I love their traditional clothes wheteher it's Balinese man or woman. They're just lovely.
Uniquely beautiful! isn't it? :)

"another dream spot had been conquered...:)"
August 2010.
Courtesy of Bona Sidjabat.


Thursday, September 9

Dancing with myself

Well, there's nothing to lose,
and there's noone to prove
Oh, dancing with my self yeah

Baby Nut

This is the video that made me and my boyf laughed a lot like a year ago. And we're making similiar jokes thereafter. Haha.
Go amazed by another awesome stop motions & animations by PES.

Wednesday, September 8


I met her
...after almost a year!! (padahal cuma Depok-Bandung -___-)

Kangen parah!!

Petak Sembilan - Glodok - Senen (gagal) - Au Lait
all the way with rain:)

Thursday, September 2