Thursday, October 28

Well, at least they #prayforindonesia..

Mentawai Tsunami, Padang's Earthquake, Merapi's erruption... Indonesia definitely has a combo.
In the meantime, I've found these similiar tweets from the public figures' timeline today
How about the Indonesians? How about us? #prayforindonesia also? I think we should do further to #actforindonesia as Alanda said. Today is Hari Sumpah Pemuda though! Feel the youth spirit and let's do something really good today! I'm planning to make a donation and go to the fundraising concerts, how about you?
courtesy of my favorite photographer, Dony Indiarto
p.s. It's the earth calling, not me.


sheyka said...

Hello, Jovita, sebagai temannya Dony di kampus, saya setuju juga kalau dia talented :)

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

Yes he is ++nice personality :)