Thursday, November 11

Barack Obama in Jakarta, Indonesia (less than 24hrs)

The #1 people in U.S. (probably the world) visited Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, for the first time since he was elected as the first 'black' President of United States of America on 2009.
Barry (Barack's litte nickname when he lived in Indonesia) came along with his elegant wife, Michelle Obama, and U.S. troops by the Air Force One (it was so damn cool!) at Monday evening. Indonesia, esp. Jakarta, was really serious to welcome them. Almost 2,000 Indonesian cops from Kapolri (Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia) were on Jakarta's road!! I understood my government want to serve the best security as it could be, but somehow I thought it's too much. I felt like livin' in NYC in those days!
Barry & Michelle at Masjid Istiqlal, Jakarta
A leader probably would have lovers and haters, and so do Mr. Obama. There are several groups in Indonesia who rejected his visit to Indonesia. I wasn't quite sure what's their backgrounds. What I knew is that they hate the United States related to US's involvement at the Middle East war. Like, maybe sort of you know, that Indonesia has the world's largest Moslems. They, who protested Obama's visit, might concern with the middle east issue that involved many Islamic countries there. Well, I thought it might be the reason.
He gave speech at my campus, Universitas Indonesia, at Tuesday morning. My campus was closed for public and there were no classes for the day. I didn't attend the speech but I watched it live on tv. And in less than 20 minutes, he 'bewitched' us with his inspiring speech. I just love the way he amazed us. For full speech transcript here, for the video here.
      I believe that the history of both America and Indonesia gives us hope. It’s a story written into our national mottos. E pluribus unum – out of many, one. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – unity in diversity. We are two nations, which have travelled different paths. Yet our nations show that hundreds of millions who hold different beliefs can be united in freedom under one flag.
Little Barack statue at Menteng (now isn't there anymore because of protests of some citizens)

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