Wednesday, January 26

Current Doze

#1 NYLON Indonesia
How glad it's finally here. Same as the NYLON in the other countries, it is hits and anti-mainstream. I heart this very first issue with Mariana Renata as it's cover girl. Mod, urban, and fresh. Very sweet.
Check out its twitter, website, and NYLON Guys. Way even cooler!
It's grand launching will be at the Love Garage in The Park, an event of Ismaya Live featuring Two Door Cinema Club & Flight Facilities! Who's coming?!

#2 TAMASYA (Sept 2010)
This magazine is my favorite local travel & lifestyle magazine. Monthly, it succesfully makes me want to escape from the reality called Jakarta. Told ya!! lol. Full of travel information, nice articles & photographs, and arrgh! Enough saying. It's very recommended :)
This edition is my current favorite, because I'm that eager to explore Lombok! #2011wish #Amen

#3 Pillow Talk by Christian Simamora
I randomly buy this book because I love the title, cover, and the synopsis on the back. Typical way to buy an interesting book on a bookstore, isn't it? ; ) I have only read the 1st chapter and I'm curious to read more. I love the prologue and its delightful language. However, my best distraction is the book after this.

#4 Why Men Merry Bitches by Sherry Argov
It's kinda late, but hell, this book is a DOPE!! Sherry is the queen of bitch and I'm officially a fellow. Don't take it in a wrong way, you shall read this book and you will treasure what the real 'bitch' is.
Here's a teaser for you.

"Bitch (n): A woman who won't bang her head against the wall obsessing over someone else's opinion - be it a man or anyone else in her life. She understands that if someone does not approve of her, it's just one person's opinion; therefore, it's of no real importance. She doesn't try to live up to anyone else's standards - only her own. Because of this, she relates to a man very differently." 

"When a man sees you are happy with him but you can be just as happy having nothing to do with him, that’s when he won’t want to leave your side. When you are happy, you are sexy." 
- Sherry Argov 

p.s. perhaps you could recommend good books for me to read?
I'm craving for more dozes. Thank you :)



Dira Nrv. said...

bagus ngga yang why men marry bitches? dari dulu pengen baca tapi belum2 beli juga. Too bad I can't recommend any books, since I barely read something.. boo :(

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

sangat bagus mbak dira. it's very recommended book for women so far, i guess. hihi.
iya gapapa kok mbaaak, kan sibuk gitu :)

Yuke Adora I. said...

I'm currently reading P.S. I Love You (real book version) for the 2nd or 3rd time and I still find it interesting to read. lumayan recommended jov silakan coba dibaca :)

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

oh yaa? wow ok akan gue cari di gramedia ya.. thank you yuke :)