Friday, January 21

A rush to remember

That morning, I woke up so early at 5.30 AM (that's sooo early for holidays, no?). I and Amanda, my partner in crime, were having a sleepover at this very special friend of ours that unbelievably drove us mad that morning! Well no, she'd made us crazy since the day we'd met! Hahaha.

Her name is Gadis. Yes, Gadis. Full stop.

Well it started from a very shocking yet happy news that she received a scholar from NTU for one semester! I'm very proud of her. (Fyi, depsite of being my campus mate, Gadis was also my highschool mate, and this smart-ass had been inspiring me since then! )
And soooo it came to the day before her departure. I and Amanda promised for a sleepover. After a long midnight talks, we decided to end it at 3 AM or we would not sleep at all. It was an unforgettable night tho. For me. I realized I have had the very best friends in the world! : )

THAT morning. The morning I won't forget.

It's Thursday morning and Gadis's flight was at 9.10 AM. PLEASE NOTE that the airport was at CENGKARENG and her house was at CINERE. PLUS, it's rush hour, when everybody's going to the office or school. PLUS, suddenly it was raining and succesfully made it worse.

We were departed around 5.45 AM and ta-daaaa it's already a huge traffic when we're out from Bukit Cinere Indah! I turned out panic. Oh anyway there were 2 cars, mine and Gadis's daddy. I, Amanda, and Gadis at my car (my dearest Heiji that would be my savior of the day), and Gad's mom, dad, and sister at the other car. Then "si Om Ganteng" (nickname for Gad's dad. yeah he's handsome man!) lead the konvoy and took the smaller roads (and rougher roads) hoping that the traffic unlike the main Cinere road. It's true that least cars went through those "jalan tikus". But then again, we faced the same bad traffic at the end.
Gadis was upset with her mom that her grumpy words become the backsound everytime her dad called her to tell which way to go. Yeah, everyone turned out panic. It's like, it's still a long way to go, we trapped on the traffic, and there would be more ass-traffic out there. We're still Cinere at 7 AM FOR GOD SAKE!

Finally Gadis decided to go to her dad's car that were far in front of my car. It'd be better, knowing that she'd be with her mom (her mom was also going to Singapore) and all the gigantic suitcases. We're hoping they could make it faster to the airport. So Gadis did it. She walked to her dad's car, through the traffic jam and the pouring rain.

I and Amanda were panic not only because of the traffic, but also because we had not finished our gift for Gadis!! Yes, we're planning to make a table decor with our+Gadis's faces on it, but we didn't have time to meet and finish it before the sleepover.

So what did you expect after Gadis left my car? YES WE'RE MAKING IT.
It's quite hard, you know, especially when finally we FINALLY passed the traffic and got into the highway and I was running 130kms/hour CONSTANTLY. Gila. That was really gila. That's the time I feel really grateful for having Heiji, a 2500cc vehicle. (Mostly I cursed him because it's too extravagant :/ )
Suddenly, Amanda started to feel nausea. (yah we probably feel it if we do things in the car, right?). I asked her lay her head down and close her eyes for a moment. So what I did next? I surreptitiously made the decor while running fast in the highway! That's another gila. I feel gila at the time. Yet I thought it's worthy because the person that we made this for was so special :) We promised to give that whatever it took.

Anyway you may wonder why it was suddenly traffic-free? It's because we went through BSD, a bit further yet alternative road to Soekarno Hatta.
And finally, we all could arrived there around 8.30 AM and THE DECOR'S DONE! What a rush baby!!

I felt so emo when finally we could met Gadis before she's boarding. Before that, I was kinda pessimistic if we could met, because I thought Gadis would be "rempong" with her over-weight baggages and all! And yeah, finally we could met, whether it's only less than a minute. It was literallly less than a minute!
We gave her our very "apa-adanya" gift (we hope you like it and put it on ur table, Gad :) and hugged her very tight!!!

So long buddy! Take care of yourself. Prove your best to NTU!!
See you in 6 months, Gad :')
I love you and am very proud of you.


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