Saturday, January 29

When you love someone and when you still love someone,

Here's the thing, relationship is messy. I realized it like a couple days ago, which I thought it was bullshit before. I'm a woman that really believe a thing called love. Unfortunately, when it becomes to relationship, sometimes and somehow, it just goes wrong. Wrong here is not about the love itself, but the persons who involve in the relationship. It's my pure opinion.

Basically, people are born with their nature character and it's different in every person. That's why our ancestors found 'Zodiac' or 'Shio' to make it more generalized and easier to read the characters. Besides, people's behavior & perspective built mostly in their family and peers. So when two persons have the same zodiac, it doesn't mean they've exactly the same characters & behaviors. It also relates to how they act when it's about love, relationship, and vice versa.

Every good relationship depends on how two different persons survive, sacrifice, and committed to the love they're shared. Haha. I found it's funny, because the older I am, the more I found love is a plain illusion.
See, like many cases I've met in college is (and I believe I'll meet more after since) people are like in a rush of love. They obsessed with status. The funnier thing is mostly I've found this on women. They obsessed with some particular mr. right guy to be their bfs, not the love itself. Well, I find that is very nature, because, yeah, somehow women may feel insecure when they're single. Well, everyone can feel insecure when they've lack of companions, aight?

At some points in relationship, a couple may experience 'several challenges' that can make the relationship either stronger or weaker. I discover it usually comes on the 3rd month, 7th month, 1st year, 3rd year, and so on and so forth. Well, it's just my generalization from what I've seen & experienced, you may agree nor disagree. It's good if you didn't experience them, tho :p

I've gone through those hard days. I've gone through it all.
Fortunately I found my love is way much stronger and bigger than those stumbling blocks.
Yet, it's not the only obstacle people face in a relationship, based on what I told you earlier. Especially when it's been a quite long time and you know every single thing about your partners.
Somehow, it's just... different.
And everyone has limitations. We all have.

End of story.
(Perhaps I will share a bit for more later. Just be patient ; )

I feel really sorry for those who thought relationship is as easy as change your status on facebook, publish it on twitter, or other social medias.
It ain't that easy dudes.
I'm terribly sorry if my tweets or statuses or posts were some kind like 'galau' or else. They're simply my way to express my feeling, when the memories popped out. Beyond that, I'm doing just fine. Apparently, I'm very happy & passionate with my life :)
Anyway, those medias were made for that thing, weren't they? I did it implicitly and I know that you know I'm in a hard phase. I have my own reasons and life isn't all about social medias, tho :)

Time will tell.
Breaking up is tough. Moving on, either. Those are HUGE, man. Become even harder when it comes with love & too many wonderful memories. (except it becames you & your partner habit in a relationship. It probably will be a big difference, no?)

Pardon me for being such a loser for this thing.
Am still growing & learning.
I believe such thing will make women stronger.
So, stay tuned :)

Much love,



Laura Harris said...

Joviiii, yes everybody's gone through difficulties in relationships. However, just believe that love will find its own way. I'm sure as you grow older (and wiser), you also believe, if you pushed too hard, it will break anyway. Bukannya pasrah, tp percaya dgn kekuatan di atas kita yg pny sst utk kita. I don't know what's your problem with Bona, but for better or worse, I'm sure it's the best for you.. :) You're a strong girl, Jov. X

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

lorraaa! yes, major agree with "if you pushed too hard, it will break anyway" :)
Iya I believe it's God's plan, too! It will no rainbow before the rain lah ya hihi

Thank you for caring lorrrrr