Saturday, February 26

Happy Birthday, Gifogo!

Robertus Gifogo Liwanuru a.k.a my silly baby brother a.k.a Berto
No candles, no cake, no such birthday thingy. Only us, yeah us, the happy-go-lucky Liwanurus, plus some good food & music. Those were more than enough, tho :) Thank God and especially Erwin Gutawa for this lovely day.
  'A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa' was brilliant. I was expecting to watch an Indonesian version of David Foster and it's fulfilled. Mr. Gutawa and Mr. Foster are so much similiar! However, Mr. Gutawa is beyond amazing (eventho I ADORE FOSTER LIKE HELL) because he's been raised Indonesian music by becoming a hardworking music composer & conductor since the 70's. He has produced so many nice music arrangements and collaborations. Another sweet thing is he also raised his own daughter to become a beautiful singer at her very young age, Gita Gutawa. A kind of man that simply needed by our country. Obviously. (Support local music, yeah!)
There were many fascinating Indonesian singers performed, like Iwan Fals, Once, Afgan, Sandhy Sandoro, Dira Sugandi (I ADORE HER, DEFINITELY NEXT BIG THING!), Vidi Aldiano, and so on and so forth. They sang various songs made by local writers which composed by Mr. Gutawa. Best moment for me was when Afgan & Vidi sang Chrisye's everlasting songs, like 'Badai Pasti Berlalu', 'Untukku', and 'Baju Pengantin',  in medley. Chrisye is a truly legend of Indonesian pop! Lovely.

At last.... happy 10th birthday babyboy!!
I believe you'll make us proud some day as you're our "Gift of God"  :)


Tuesday, February 15

Monday, February 14


yeah, Valentine it is.

It was kinda overrated but it's just one sweet day I wouldn't miss, eventho I'm no longer anybody's girlfriend recently. I thought it would be a misery, but It's apparently wrong.
Hey, valentine is also known as single awareness day, don't you think? ; ) 
Started the day with a lovely lunch with mom and ended it up with a lovely sleepover at Amanda's while it was rain hard outside. A grab of best-french-toast ever at Sinou and a Birdcage mojito in between.

Delightful foods, chocolates, and companions.
Life is good ♥


Thursday, February 3


That is not a name of magazine.
That is not a Black Eyed Peas 'dirty bit' song.
However, that is what you and I need. For now.
See you for awhile, dude.

Wednesday, February 2

Yellow and ain't mellow

Venice. 2010.

credit title to my mate, Yuke Adora.
I found it related to my life in certain way lately. Thank you dear ;)