Friday, March 11

Dearest Benedicta,

So today is her birthday and she's currently having a sorethroat. Get well soon, dear.

I give her a mini make up set in a handmade box for her 14! Anyway, it's her premiere make up. Hihi my little sister is a big girl already!! But sissy, grow up please will ya? (like I do, eh?)
Reduce your ababilness ya :*

I also made a greeting card with Mario Maurer pic in it. Fyi, she currently obsessed with this cute guy from the film Little Thing Called Love!! Well, I admit the fact that he's a really cute Thai :p

I love you so mucho, dek!



Nard4Reynard said...

Pertamax! hehe

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

keduax! haha sank you :)

adi said...

Happy birthday detaa :D , salam ya jov..

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

iyaaa terima kasih adi :D

CwR Blog said...

so fun pictures!!

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Good Luck!