Sunday, November 6

Golden Sunday

Ray of golden lights and its sudden playground.
You don’t need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone

"Commitment may be a problem, but long term happiness is likely with someone who is willing to provide the freedom & support that Libra seek."

See @EverythingLibra if you have this 'what kind of Libra people are' question in mind.
I feel described on most words.

Friday, November 4

Current doze: Topshop A/W 2011

Uber love the TOPSHOP A/W collection. It reminds me much to the 60's-70's figures.
Psychobilly is an updated and feminine take on the rebellious dressing of the teddyboys of the 1960s. Modern twists elevate sleek tailoring and clean shapes; slim cigarette trousers in an opulent sapphire jacquard are the essential ankle skimming length and a simple t-shirt shape comes in panels of monochrome silk. A much more hourglass silhouette takes over from that of the boyish with semi body-con dresses celebrating the waist and skirts predominantly in pencil or mid-calf length.
Mixing elements of the laid-back 60s with a neater finish from the 40s post-war Britain, Thrift is an eclectic dressing-up box of girly vintage-inspired pieces. Dresses are ladylike in pretty florals and ditsy prints, appearing in a classic tea dress or drop waist shift shape and look newest in mid-calf length. Again, skirts are longer in length, are sometimes pleated or with side slits and look prim when worn with feminine peter pan blouses buttoned to the neck. Colour is important; tapered trousers come in jade or tangerine and bright prints appear throughout, whilst the overall silhouette is soft and feminine.

Glamrock draws inspiration from the 1970s, dismissing any grunge from the decade for an all-out glamorous and rockstar look. Faux fur is key to this trend and the bigger and brighter the better; an oversized shaggy coat made from goat hair comes in a fluoro pink, a sleek faux-fur stole in deep amethyst has extravagant pompoms and a mini skirt is made from amber-coloured feathers. Casual garments are given luxe treatment; a simple black parka is indulgent with a thick glossy black faux fur lining, skinny jeans are given a hi-tech coating and boxy silk shirts are elevated with all-over beading. 

With rich folkloric inspiration being key, Bavaria is a modern and distinctly luxurious take on keeping warm this winter. Outerwear is functional whilst indulgent; a khaki parka has faux fur sleeves and a gilet is extra long and made from patchwork sheepskin. Cable and aran knits are chunky and oversized to defend against the cold, and a usually floaty smock dress or blouse comes in a cosy heavy velvet.

via vogue vibes.

Thursday, November 3

"There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in live --happiness, freedom, and peace of mind-- are always attained by giving them to someone else."
P.C. March

Banana nut muffin

This morning in the middle of my mid exam weeks, I had intended to go jogging. But then my ass felt so heavy and did the baking to fulfill my sugar rush instead :p

The happy thing is my family apparently love it! It's kinda unusual, since they dislike sweets. Like every time I make cupcakes, brûlée, or kind like that, I'm just gonna eat those & get fat myself. But when I got home just now & it's only 5 pieces out of 15 left.... I felt glad :' )

p.s. take home exams r suxxxx