Monday, March 19

Senin pagi yang kelabu.
Namun tidak hatiku.
Sepertinya, aku menemukan semangat baru.
p.s. thanks Emily!

Sunday, March 18

Cinta Terlarang

Jeritan hati yang tertahan oleh norma dan etika yang berlaku.
Untuk siapapun kamu di luar sana,
yang pernah seperti aku.

Saturday, March 17

Abang None Jakarta Utara 2012

Be a none of Jakarta Utara was one of the best thing in my life and I never regret the decision I made 8 months ago.
I've learnt so many things that I'm sure I won't get from any other places. (I'll share with you some of them and how they affect my life, stay tune!)
Furthermore, I met new brothers and sisters, my new 'family'.
I'm so grateful :-)

Don't miss this opportunity again this year, Bang Non!
You will never know unless you try.

Thursday, March 15

Kalau memang itu caramu,
sepertinya aku suka caramu.

Wednesday, March 14

pergi untuk kembali

Kata orang,
semua orang pada akhirnya akan mati.
Aku, kamu, mereka akan mati.
Cepat atau lambat, di suatu waktu nanti.

Kenapa kamu secepat ini?

Kalau saja hati dan logika ini dapat mengerti.
Sayangnya tidak mampu, aku tidak mampu mengerti.

Kamu pergi untuk kembali kan?
Ya kan, Fan?

Tuesday, March 13

To be

To be fearless, not senseless.

To be brave, not coward.

To be cautious, not foolish.

To be clever, not mindless.

To be myself, not anyone else.


Monday, March 12

A true friend

(I'm inspired to make this post, because a very rare thing happened to me this morning)

It's a fine Monday morning, well, not a really good one, since I had to woke up for morning class and my body didn't really cooperate with me. (p.s. PERIOD'S SUCKS.)

I went to campus with a friend of mine. Since I knew this person, I believe that God is really good! His house is quite close to mine, and yes he is a very nice person. This is bizarre!! It's been 3 years I've studied in UI and I haven't known people who have the same living area and also drive to campus everyday. In short, we often go to campus together after since. I call it as an action to save fuels and earth. Ha-ha (If you read this, I wholeheartedly say thank you!)

he put a on a record of Jakarta Praise Community Church on his CD player and so I got a precious 1,5 hours of morning spiritual doze. (Yes, he's a Christian and I was a bit surprised he has a real faith in it by putting on such thing)
It was talking about finding 'a true friend'. This topic tickled me and eventually made me listening with enthusiasm.

Jose Carol, the priest, said that 'a true friend' is someone who gives you spirit, who ignite your passions. Your true friends should've support you in anytime, through your ups and downs.
In short, true friends are they who stay even when the world is against you.
I strongly agree with that, since I've experienced it myself.

After years I've made friends here and there, I think trust, loyalty, & sacrifices are the main key to make friendship works.
You can call anyone "she's my best friend" or "he's my best friend", but what does a word mean without actions? Have you become a 'friend' for them? Accept her as who they are? Forgive their mistakes? Tell them in their face if they're wrong?

I've ever met those who usually called 'fake friends'. Well, it's kinda harsh word for me, but somehow it's the best word to explain those who only come to you when they have certain intentions from you, people who talk behind your back, people who humiliate you, and so on and so forth.

I was too naive that everyone was a good person and could be a good friend.
This is the art of growing up —you get more experiences and so many lessons learned.
Me in 20 has realized THAT premise is wrong.
What I keep in mind now is that people may be a good person, but may not always be a good friend.

Nevertheless, I still make friends with everyone. Be cautious doesn't mean we should avoid people, I suppose. The feeling of meeting new people and be friend with them still excites me:)
What I've been doing since forever: be grateful for what I have.
Be grateful by maintaining your friends before you lose them and regret it in the end.
Solitude is not a bliss. (Sorry, Tame Impala)

Here's the thing, if you want to have a good friend, be one.
Spare some time of in the middle of your busy days, catch up, and do some quality time with them. Go shopping, gossips, try new restaurants, spa, ah you name it ladies!
Do the talk, not only saying 'I miss you' but do not act a single thing to meet your friends.
Keep it balance, when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be taken care of. Instead of too busy love making with him/her, it's nice to take a little of your spare time to meet some friends:)

At the end of the CD, Jose emphasized one thing I love the most:
"The easiest way to prove that someone is a true friend is by making a mistake. A true friend will forgive you and stay, but those who don't will perhaps forgive you, but they will leave you right away."
Touche, Jose, touche.

And so the whole day I was thinking about this and felt grateful that I have wonderful 'true friends' in my life.
Life definitely has no meaning without them :-)