Wednesday, July 4

Madeleine Bistro pour Le Déjeuner

I've been longing for French food quite a while. Finally on a fine day, I went for a lunch at Madeleine Bistro with an old friend of mine, Edlin. It's located at Kemang and obviously is quite far from my office, but heck.. qui s'en soucie?
Un endroit très intéressant.
It's a nice place to grab a casual lunch or even romantic dinner with your loved ones.
The red color on the wall, bold blue sofa, makes the restaurant felt bold and edgy unlike similar French restaurant with elegant and romantic interior. Nice.
La nourriture est également délicieuse.
We picked escargots a la Madeleine for the entree.
I ordered Confit de Canard and Edlin ordered Ballotine de Volaille crepe. Always love how the chef served the dishes. <3
confit de canard
 Ballotine de Volaille crepe

C'est tres bien!


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