Wednesday, August 29

I hate disappointments.

Yet I've disappointed you many, many times.
When was the last time I make you proud anyway?

All I can do now is learn from this, I must learn from this, and find the possible solutions soon.

You're right. We can buy anything but time.

Monte Carlo. 2011.

I'm so sorry for disappoint you. Again.


Anonymous said...

waduh kayaknya gue tau nih ngomongin siapa
Emang kita gak akan bisa fulfill ekspektasi semua orang sih, bahkan kadang2 orang yg terdekat pun..
In the end, its our life..Not theirs hehe
You just hang on there for a while, untill youre able to prove yourself..
anyway, how was your holiday? :)
Selamat galungan

Yovita Liwanuru said...

yeap. agak capek jadi the eldest child in the family harus jd panutan di semua sisi #curcol
tp yaudalah there's still plan b, plan c, and so on and so forth so I won't bother :)

holiday menyenangkan sekali, I'll update here soon! hehe

Anonymous said...

im with you on that one, matter of fact..
Im having the same situation as of today

haha ok, looking forward to it!